Coca-Cola Coca-Cola

The Coca-Cola Company (NYSE: KO) is the world's largest beverage company, refreshing consumers with more than 500 sparkling and still brands.  Led by Coca-Cola, one of the world's most valuable and recognizable brands, our Company's portfolio features 16 billion-dollar brands including Diet Coke, Fanta, Sprite, Coca-Cola Zero, vitaminwater, Powerade, Minute Maid, Simply, Georgia and Del Valle.  Globally, we are the No. 1 provider of sparkling beverages, ready-to-drink coffees, and juices and juice drinks.  Through the world's largest beverage distribution system, consumers in more than 200 countries enjoy our beverages at a rate of 1.9 billion servings a day.  With an enduring commitment to building sustainable communities, our Company is focused on initiatives that reduce our environmental footprint, support active, healthy living, create a safe, inclusive work environment for our associates, and enhance the economic development of the communities where we operate.  

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XTERRA Wetsuits strives to make your swim faster and more comfortable, and to offer you the highest performing triathlon wetsuit at the best value. We've been doing this all over the world since 2001. We confidently stand by our claim of making the world's fastest wetsuit, and our sponsored athletes have the records to back it up: An XTERRA Wetsuit, worn by one of the world's elite triathletes, holds the world record for fastest swim while wearing a wetsuit.

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Use code R-HITS for a 60% discount on your next Xterra wetsuit purchase.



Rudy Project designs and manufactures hi-tech sunglasses, digital prescriptions/Rxes, helmets, goggles and gear by applying the most advanced science and technology. Designed and crafted in Italy since 1985, Rudy Project has grown quickly as a premier brand throughout North America.  Rudy Project has won Outside Magazine’s prestigious “Gear of the Year” Award, twice, for its cutting edge frame and lens technologies. Rudy helmets were recognized as the #1, most worn TT brand at the 2011 and 2012 Ironman World Championship in Kona, HI and the Wingspan time trial helmet was selected as Triathlete Magazine’s “Best Aero Helmet” in its 2012 “Buyer’s Guide.”

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Safetti USA designs and creates Cycling, Triathlon and Running clothes designed and manufactured with the highest quality standards, using innovative materials and the latest performance-enhancing technologies.  Saffeti offers a state of the art collection and custom made gear for teams, clubs, and stores. Visit our website www.safetti.us

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Our staff of highly trained and knowledgeable experts are here to help you better understand and get the most from your body and our products. You will find articles by all of our experts in the knowledge section of our site.

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Endurance athletes such as runners, triathletes, and cyclists devote countless hours to intense training, but a countless amount of time and energy is required just to get STARTED in these sports. Between equipment and training plans, this process can be overwhelming. And we haven't even mentioned the overload of information you encounter when researching the sports nutrition your body needs to train effectively.

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All cyclists are not alike, so it stands to reason that one bicycle seat will not feel comfortable for every body. The search for a “perfect fit” takes into consideration: Your gender, your weight, hours per week of riding, type of biking: mountain, road, time trial. One size doesn’t fit all. The components of the well-designed Koobi bicycle seat will allow for variations in riders.

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SHFT Run Right
Official HITS Awards Sponsor

SHFT is an Intelligent Virtual Running Coach with Watt Measurement and Real-Time Coaching as the foundation for a new segment in wearable tech called Running Trainable Technology. SHFT was created to help runners reduce injuries while improving running technique, form and energy consumption. SHFT comes with two pods -- one pod located on the chest and the other on the running shoe -- and requires either an iPhone or Android to collect the runner's data and provide the real-time coaching.

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Dolphin Organics™ is a family-owned and operated company right here in the USA. We are committed to making the best, most honest organic and natural products for your baby, while holding ourselves to the highest standards.

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This luxury boutique hotel in the historic town of Saugerties, New York is nestled between the mighty Hudson River and the majestic Catskill Mountains. Diamond Mills offers a hotel and dining experience like non-other in the region. Saugerties now celebrates its bicentennial with the grand opening of Diamond Mills, its first luxury hotel in 2011.

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Official Health Care Provider for HITS Grand Junction

We pride ourselves on blending the complexities of modern medical technology, personalized care and close coordination with medical-care providers to treat you in a patient-centered environment.

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AROMAX Muscle Relief Gel is a revolutionary new health care product based on the European herbal tradition. It is a therapeutic topical gel that provides soothing, long-lasting relief to overworked, stressed-out muscles.

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Perform Pain Relieving Gel dispensed from a tube affords the opportunity to create a more thorough experience by massaging the affected area during application. Through massage, the user benefits from increased blood flow and warming of the region at the cellular level for better absorption of the Perform Pain Relieving Gel.

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WIN is a premium sports detergent scientifically formulated to remove odor and residue embedded in the fabric of performance apparel. During wear, sweat and oils become trapped within the fabrics of techinical fabrics causing bacteria to grow creating an unpleasant odor.

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Shave Secret shaving oil provides the most comfortable, smooth shave ever! It dramatically reduces dry skin, rashes, nicks, cuts, ingrown hairs and shaving bumps. Shave Secret takes the place of all shave creams, soaps, gels, aftershave and moisturizing lotions.

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Today's active families are always on the go - working hard and playing even harder. Shouldn't their mattress do more than just lay there? The exclusive InvigoFresh formula continuously renews the sleeping environment, working nonstop to capture and destroy common household odors.

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Made in the USA for over thirty years, Udderly Smooth® products contain rich moisturizing ingredients. Not your average moisturizing lotion- Udderly Smooth® can be used on Dry Skin, Cracked Skin, forDiabetes Foot Care, as a Facial Moisturizer, as a General Moisturizing Lotion and many other uses.

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Great for your bag or pocket! Topricin provides pain relief by improving circulation and attracting and stimulating the body's healing chemistries at the site of pain. Topricin delivers reliable pain relief, improving quality-of-life, and providing a strong adjunct to professional care with no side effects or contraindications.

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Official Partners

Captivating Sports Photos
Captivating Sports Photos
Official Photographer for HITS Lake Havasu City, AZ and HITS Palm Springs, CA

Photography for HITS Lake Havasu City, AZ and HITS Palm Springs, CA will be provided by Captivating Sports Photo. They will be on-site to shoot every leg of each distance both Saturday and Sunday. Photos will be available for purchase after the race at http://captivatingsportsphotos.net/.

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Official Photographer for HITS North Country Triathlon in Hague, NY, HITS Kingston, NY, HITS Naples, FL and HITS Ocala, FL

Photography for the HITS North Country Triathlon in Hague, NY, HITS Kingston, NY, HITS Naples, FL and HITS Ocala, FL will be provided by Pat Hendrick Photography. They will be on-site to shoot every leg of each distance both Saturday and Sunday. Photos will be available for purchase after the race at www.pathendrickphotography.com.

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Official Massage Provider for the HITS Championship in Palms Springs, CA

At Kinetix our mission is to provide wellness services to the community that make a difference in peoples lives. There has been a great deal of change in our health care system. We believe in caring for the body as a whole by taking a proactive approach, by doing so we hope to prolong your longevity and give you the tools to enhance your vitality.

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Official Massage Provider for HITS Ocala, FL

The Florida State Massage Therapy Association (FSMTA) is the only association that works exclusively for massage therapists in Florida. FSMTA membership dues not only provide you with excellent benefits for yourself and your business, but also promote and protect the entire massage therapy profession in Florida.  If you are searching for a job, a friend, a smart business idea, insurance, or news about massage therapy; then FSMTA is for you!

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High Country Shipping facilitates ease of travel for the vacation traveler. Our specialty is bicycle and luggage shipping and delivery. We are an authorized UPS/Fedex shipper with low pricing and unmatched customer service.

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HITS Official Wheel Rental Company

Rent the best triathlon and road bike wheels and triathlon helmets starting at $5 a day. Choose from our most popular wheels such as HED Jet 6, HED Jet 9, Zipp 404 and other Zipp Wheel Rentals. We'll work with your race schedule so you can order by the day, weekend or by the week. Ask about us at any one of HITS' Official Bike Shops.

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HITS Official Waste Management Service for Hudson Valley

Disposing of waste in an environmentally-friendly manner is crucial to your business. We can help. Our experts will assess your waste streams and develop the right recycling and disposal solution for you.

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HITS Official Sporting Goods Store for Napa Valley

Sports Basement is a sporting-goods retailer with four locations in the San Francisco Bay Area. We take pride in selling the best brands at basement prices.

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The year-round beauty of our mountains and lakes beckons travelers to come and stay a while. How could anyone resist? With events, shopping, recreation, dining, fabulous accommodations and quaint towns to explore, no wonder the Lake George Area is a favorite anytime of the year destination!

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The Florida Sports Foundation, Inc. is a 501(C) 3 non-profit corporation, serving as the Sports Industry Development Division of Enterprise Florida, Inc. The mission of the Florida Sports Foundation is to:

  • Assist Florida’s communities with securing, hosting and retaining sporting events and sports related business that generate significant economic impact and sports-related tourism for the state of Florida through the Foundation’s grant programs, legislative initiatives and Industry Partner service, recognition and development.
  • Provide the citizens of Florida with participation opportunities in Florida’s Sunshine State Games and Florida Senior Games events.
  • Serve as Florida’s leading resource for Sport Tourism research and facts.
  • Assist in the promotion of targeted leisure sport industries in Florida.
  • Assist National and Florida State Governing Bodies to promote amateur sport development through Florida’s Sunshine State Games and hosting events in Florida.


Explore. Discover. Relax.

It’s Only the Beginning. 

Discover classic Florida charm on an unforgettable retreat, where you can relax all day or take on a spirited adventure. Catch your first fish or gallop through open fields. Search through antique treasures and stroll along storied streets. Soar sky-high on a zipline, flying up amidst the treetops or float downriver in the clear water of our many famous springs. It’s the perfect place for a family vacation or a romantic getaway for two.

You’ll find everything you’re looking for in Ocala/Marion County.

Official Bike Shop Partners

HITS Official On-Site Bike Shop for Palm Springs

Hypercat Racing is an endurance sport performance coaching/consulting & bike fit company. We are dedicated to helping athletes improve the quality of their lives through sport. We offer professional multisport coaching for triathletes and single sport coaching for swimmers, runners & cyclists. Our coaching services include coaching packages for individual athletes, groups, clubs and corporate teams.

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HITS Official Bike Rental Shop for Palm Springs

Since 1996, Big Wheel Bike Tours has been conceiving and producing first-class bicycle excursions along the eastern seaboard. We have brought our outstanding reputation and history of providing high quality, fully supported bicycle tours to Southern California. Cycling allows you to experience more than you would from behind the wheel of a car, while at the same time creating the natural high that outdoor exercise produces. We focus on the leisure cyclist. We boast the largest fleet of bicycles in the Coachella Valley.

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Santos Trailhead Bike Shop
HITS Official On-Site Bike Shop for Naples

Naples Cyclery offers a wide selection of bicycles for different people and uses. They provide expert assistance in selecting the proper bike type and model. Their experienced staff will listen to you and help you choose. They stand behind every bike sold carry only the finest brands and models.

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HITS Official Pit Stop for Naples

Fit & Fuel is located adjacent to the current Naples Cyclery shop in the Pavilion shopping center in Naples, Florida. We're open early for the benefit of group riders and commuters alike. Fuel in front, Fit in back. "Coffee, bicycles, conversation...simple" states our motto. This is no mere lip service. We're staffed with a highly caffeinated staff who log serious bike miles.

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Santos Trailhead Bike Shop
HITS Official On-Site Bike Shop for Ocala

In the world of cycling, quality matters. Santos Trailhead Bike Shop knows that, in order to get the most relaxation, recreation, exercise and adrenaline rush from your ride, you need to have the best made equipment. They carry the best lines of bikes in the business in Ocala in addition to top-quailty accessories and tune-up or repair services.

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HITS Official On-Site Bike Shop for Napa Valley
We are proud to be Napa Valley's Specialized dealer. We offer the best from Germany, come in and check out the offerings from Focus and you will be as impressed as we are! We also feature Scott Bicycles, handmade bikes from France the one and only Time Bikes, Shoes and Pedals.

Visit the Napa River Velo Website >

HITS Official Bike Tech Support for Hudson Valley

This site is designed as an information source for our customers old and new. Please understand that our primary mission is to serve cyclists in our store. To get an immediate response to your questions you should call us at (845) 255-1770 or visit our bike shop during regular business hours.

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