Spring Training

Darn Winter!  Spring may have “officially” begun this past Friday, but the Northeast sure didn’t feel it.

After spending the previous weekend swimming, biking and running in sunny and hot Napa, CA for HITS Triathlon Series Tri-Camp, it wasn’t easy acclimating back to freezing temperatures AND snow.

I did fit in some track work on Wednesday and pushed some hard quarters for speed.   On Friday, I worked on mile repeats at 5:30 pace and fit in a couple of easy 5 milers on the other days.
On Sunday, I was able to end the week on a high note.  We had a great group of runners come out to train on the Kiwanis Kingston Classic course.  Finished the Half in 1:40!  I’m happy with that.

Unfortunately, still no biking or swimming until the weather turns.  Luckily that should happen any day now because I am ready to get out for a ride with some hill climbs.

This weekend is HITS Triathlon Series Ocala, FL.  I’ll be able to get in a run Friday morning and Saturday I’ll call a “long day”.  I won’t be swimming, biking or running, but I will be on my feet for 21 hours and THAT COUNTS!  It’s an endurance day, for sure.
When I get back from Ocala, my plan is to run the Kiwanis Kingston Classic marathon course.  I’m really excited to run that course — beautiful trails, with a nice downhill and fast finish.  It’s a perfect run to get ready for the Rock the Ridge 50 Miler on May 2.

Don’t forget, beat me in the Full at HITS Kingston July 11 and you race for FREE in 2016!  I’m not doing all this work for nothing….come on, you can take me!

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