Here’s To You Marble Falls

Two-for-two in Texas, HITS Triathlon Series made its debut in the center of the Lone Star State last weekend. We welcomed over 700 athletes to the hills of Marble Falls as the 2012 series continued.

Your winners:

Male Results

Full – Adilet Imambekov (Houston, TX) – 11:52:33
Half – Adrian Cameron (Austin, TX) – 4:59:30
Olympic – Nick Cordes (Lubbock, TX) – 2:17:16
Sprint – Benjamin Drezek (Denton, TX) – 1:11:09
Open – Nate Nalder (Round Rock, TX) – 0:22:36

Female Results

Full – Deborah Battaglia (Salt Lake City, UT) – 12:24:32
Half – Jennifer Reinhart (Austin, TX) – 5:32:56
Olympic – Julie Mosier Crosno (Kingwood, TX) – 2:29:22
Sprint – Hollie Kenney (Austin, TX) – 1:18:56
Open – Rita Haddad (Shawnee, OK) – 0:26:07

Here’s a look at the weekend as told by ©Ed Sparks, ©Walter Heslop and HITS Staff:

Texas is rapidly becoming a second home for HITS Triathlon Series and we look forward to returning during the 2013 season. Thanks to the support of the City of Marble Falls and city officials like city manager Ralph Hendricks, HITS Triathlon Series plans to return to Marble Falls, Texas April 27-28, 2013. See you then?

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2 Responses to Here’s To You Marble Falls

  1. Warren Sherman says:

    Enjoyed the race and the caring devotion of the staff to all of the athletes. The bike scenery was awesome as well as challenging and showed off teh beauty of Texas Hill country.
    Where are all of the pictures taken during the race?

    This was my 2nd hits half-ironman… look forward to lots more. I like the smaller venue where we can mass start and share the race day with all of the participating athletes. Joe is awesome in transition are!!!!

    • Norm Desrochers says:

      This was my first full and I can’t thank the staff enough for making it a terrific experience. Everything from the race organization to the personal attention the staff gave was first class. What can you say about a race organizer that takes the time to learn your name and make you feel welcome!
      As for the course – The swim had a good lay-out, the bike was hilly, hot and windy and the run was hot (and hilly). Not exactly PR conditions, but I just settled in on a slower pace and enjoyed the scenery.
      I can honestly say I got everything I wanted out of my first full. It’s true, the longest distance you cover on race day is the one between your ears.

      Thanks Mark and staff

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