Here’s The Short & Long Of It

In a lake near Palm Springs, California an eight year old boy took to the water in his first triathlon ever. In South Florida, a man ran 26.2 miles in full turnout gear in support of a charity. On a run course overlooking the Gulf Coast, a youth pastor from Texas completed his first Half distance race after receiving an early death sentence from his doctor. In Naples, Florida a woman tested out a new hip while another man embarked on a “30 Full triathlons in a year” world record attempt. Where were they? HITS Triathlon Series.

You may have seen our ads and you may have heard about our races, but you might still be wondering, who is HITS? The wait’s over – we’re here to give you The Short and Long Of It. Born from the efforts of two men to shake up the world of triathlon with a new national series, HITS Triathlon Series has targeted the young, old, elite and out of shape to take a chance on the sport of swimming, biking and running.

Here’s a closer look at the man who didn’t think one national sporting event series was enough fun. Here’s a closer look at the other man who went from local coach and race director to gracing the pages of magazines like Inside Triathlon and 3 Go overnight. Here’s a closer look at the organization with a new take on triathlon and the athletes who are putting it on the map. Here’s a closer look at HITS.

Want to know more about HITS Triathlon Series? Keep reading or check us out.

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  1. Edna says:

    This is cool!

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